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Web-Site Development & Promotion (SEM)

Weber Systems Inc. employs some of the most brilliant minds in the web development industry.  Our web development team will update your web-site in a modern style which is search engine friendly and intuitive for your users. We offer several different services based upon the complexity needs of your web-site. For basic web-sites that just involve displaying company information we offer reasonable a flat fee. We will provide an Analysis of your existing web-site if you have one. Part of that includes analyzing your keywords, your competitors and your web-site’s Meta-Tags. These Meta-Tags talk to the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing so they understand what type of content your site is developed for. However we also look to remove anything that may cause your site’s ranking to be punished. Keyword, spamming is one example of why a search engine may demote your page ranking.  If you need something more robust like eCommerce, Customer Portal, Back Office integration, iPhone and/or Smart Phone applications that is where our talent really shines. We have developed many diverse web-sites that allow companies to manage information more efficiently by empowering employees, customers and vendors login and update and retrieve any information they need. Common uses are for Inventory, Sales, Purchasing and Order Entry.