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Training & Support

We offer on-site phone and e-mail support for Computer Networks Software and applications. We deliver our support in five different ways.  E-mail support is great for simple issues and is very cost effective.  Custom made video support would be the next-level and this mostly applies to software support. We create a video tutorial showing you to how perform a certain task or solve a particular problem. This support method is very much on point and offers a great value since videos can be replayed in shared with other people in your organization.  Combining e-mail and video support offers great results at a low cost.

Live phone support is great for one on one support. We further improve this method by utilizing Remote Access to your computer. This allows us to work closely together and resolve issues or provide training on consultation services. We walk you step by step through your problem.

Live on-site support is very similar to the remote support on the phone except were actually at your location and we can physically provide services that we cannot provide over the phone. Weather it be running network cables or conference room training and consultation. When we are on-site we also get a better feel for your operation and understand your day to day activities more thoroughly. It also gives our team more visibility to your staff so that we can provide leadership which helps us to meet your goals.