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Business Software

Load Manager

This business application sits in the cloud or on the desktop.  It is made for the logistics industry.  It helps freight brokers and trucking firms manage loads.  For example if a paint manufacturer want to ship 100 pallets of paint to five different hardware stores, the Load Manager application is designed to help track and manage the shipment.  In this scenario the paint manufacturer is considered the customer, their manufacturing plant is referred to as the shipper and the hardware stores are called consignees. The delivery of the paint to all five store locations is put under one load for easy access .  Each store is considered  a different stop.  Each stop in a load as the ability to have a different shipper or consignee assigned to it.

Weber Systems has been delivering business class solutions for over two decades.  Our flagship product AccessYourBiz is a versatile and customizable Accounting Software.  It offers in this industry specific modules including manufacturing wholesale distribution retail lean inventorying the commerce delivery in route management.  We have found that Quickbooks is an excellent solution for many businesses, however if Quickbooks does not meet your needs Access Your Biz is a next logical step.  Access Your Biz is extremely flexible and customizable, it can also integrate with any software platform in the business community  However Access Your Biz is not meant for all businesses, hence we strongly recommend a product demonstration to ensure that it meets your needs and make sense for your company.

Lean Enterprise System

Our Lean ERP System (LES) is an integrated system combining Lean concepts of manufacturing with accounting systems producing a total efficient cost effective software solution for your entire organization. It is similar to an MRP or ERP system except that this system was designed from scratch specifically for a Lean Company or Manufacturing application. We used Lean concepts to reduce waste in every functional group within your organization to increase the net throughput of your entire company.

LES incorporates our Wireless Kanban (e-Kanban) which can be purchased separately and will function in any ERP/MRP environment.

Wholesale bakery delivery system

This an on module for access your biz is built primarily four bakery routes or any type of route where product is ordered and delivered.  Features include order entry, standing order, route management, purchasing, accounting, production, planning, invoicing, and accounts receivable.  A typical scenario includes a driver that delivers rolls to a deli every day except for Sunday. He can enter this information and on a daily basis print his delivery receipts and his load receipts for the next day.  The driver may have many customers that he is delivering  special orders to.  With Access your Biz , the driver puts the orders into system the night before.  Access Your Biz will automatically generate the list of the items that need to be bake for the next day along with the day’s delivery sheets.  This feature allow the driver to easily load his truck in the morning and make easy deliveries.  The driver can also print statements for all his deliveries if needed.

The system features many reports including: sales profitability, customer profitability, product profitability, and the like.  Full integrated accounting is available including: general ledger, payroll, bank reconciliation, and accounts payable.

Website E-commerce

Our E Commerce System integrates fantastically with a Access Your Biz Accounting Software.  Customers can enter their orders via the Internet. These are automatically brought into Access Your Biz in a real time.  Orders can be automatically printed in the warehouse for packing and shipment.  The system also allows for customer payments via credit card, PayPal or any other payment method.

Windows Mobile Sales Order Entry

This application works great on any Windows mobile device or smartphone.  Users can enter in orders manually or scanned orders while in the field making deliveries.  When visiting customers you can easily open up orders customers previous purchases to show their favorite and most recent purchased items.  These items can then easily be added on to the order with the click of a mouse.  Orders can be printed by blue tooth to a wireless printer.   All mobile orders can be synchronized with the bakery in real time, otherwise they are saved locally and then synchronized with the bakery when a wi-fi connection is available.  The ability to easily reprint the orders or make changes in the field make this application as easy as ordering a burger for McDonald’s and then adding a shake at the pickup window.