Installation & Configuration

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We install and configure all products that we sell. However we carefully review our customer’s needs and goals so we can customize the configuration to best accommodate the customer. Our staff of trained professionals draw on field experience to ensure and timely and accurate installation of your software and equipment.

More Planning for Robust Software

This process is much more involved when implementing a new software system like Microsoft Dynamics or Access Your Biz. Since these types of mid-level accounting software solutions are very comprehensive, proper planning and consultation is required in order to develop an appropriate installation and configuration plan. In some instances where there are multiple personnel for each aspect of the implementation, the configuration may be done in phases by multiple consultants. This ensure each branch of the implementation gets the proper amount of focus and there are no mis-steps.

Post Installation Adjustments

However sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments to the configuration after the fact because some things change or new information is discovered. This is a normal part of the process but hopefull it will be minimized if there was diligent efforts made upfront when the initial installation and configuration was planned.

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