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How to use bar codes in your organization

Bar Code Labels

To use bar codes you need to make sure all of your inventory that is large enough to have a bar code label on it does so. Many products today include a UPC bar code on it automatically. However if some or all of your products do not have a bar code you can print your own bar code label and attach it when inventory is received. Many Purchase Order software systems like Access Your Biz and Microsoft Dynamics allow you to print labels for inventory received.

However some inventory is too small to label with a bar code. For items like that you can keep a laminated sheet of bar codes handing on a string, a screen or in a book which can be used for scanning the bar code.

Bar Code Scanner

The purchase of a good Bar Code scanner is very important. However they can also be very expensive so it is important to make a decision based upon the environment that the scanner will be used it. For example, if it is in a manufacturing scenario with high volume an more expensive scanner that can handle multiple drop from 6 feet to concrete is desired. Motorola makes many scanners of this caliper.

Bar Code Software

Many bar code scanners come with software that you can use to print bar codes and event track inventory. Many accounting software programs also support bar code scanning so they can integrate seamlessly with your new scanner. If you have entry level software like Quickbooks or Peachtree you will need an add-on program to utilize your bar code scanner.