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A&M sells bakery products wholesale.  Their business involves two delivery routes to customers that order the same items each day of the week.  However, depending on their business climate, customers may call to change a day’s order or to make an additional order.

The Problem

Before using Access Your Biz™, A & M Appel was using an old DOS based system that was limited in features and offered little flexibility.  This time-consuming process required each order to be entered individually since the old system did not have a recurring sales order feature.  In addition, the orders had to be manually organized by route and stop number each day.  A & M Appel wanted to expand their business to include an additional route.  However, the Dos based system was not efficient enough to support two routes.

Access Your Biz™ Provides a Solution

A & M Appel was able to use the Recurring Sales Order feature within Access Your Biz™ to make their business more manageable.  This feature allows them to customize a separate list of recurring sales for each day of the week.  Each day a summarized list of recurring orders could be printed to keep the order quantities accurate and easy to read.  If they no longer need to generate an order on a regular basis, the recurring sales order can be deactivated and saved in the Access Your Biz™ system.  It can then be reactivated and updated at any time.  If A & M Appel needed to order additional products for a customer on one specific day, a separate sales order could be entered.  For any date, they can view the total quantity of any one item that is needed to fulfill all orders for that day.

Within the Recurring Sales Order feature, the option to group by Route and Stop Number enabled them to print the sales orders in the sequence that they would be delivered.  This decreased the amount of time spent each day organizing the route.

How It Works

A Recurring Sales Order is very similar to any other sales order, except that the Access Your Biz™ will automatically repeat the same order on a regular basis.  For example, if you need to deliver the same order every Friday, this feature will generate it automatically so that you do not need the constantly re-enter the same order.  You can create an unlimited amount of recurring orders for each date.

This feature can also be used to record an order that will not be delivered for a long time.  If you provide a company with specific items once a year, you can record the order in the recurring sales order screen.  Access Your Biz™ will remember the date for you, and will automatically generate the order along with all you regular orders when the time is appropriate.  (You can view step-by-step instructions on how to use the Recurring Sales Order feature in the Access Your Biz™ manual, or you can see our website.  Video clips are also available online).

Stone Boss Industries

Route Delivery Software

Since Stone Boss Industries began using the Access Your Biz™ program in 1998, their business has grown immensely.  Before using Access Your Biz™, Stone Boss Industries was unable to keep an accurate count of inventory on the truck.  If there was shortage of a product on the truck, they would not be able to fulfill all the orders for the day and business would be lost.  They hand counted the inventory every two weeks, and this process took about six hours.  Access Your Biz™ allowed them to make each truck a separately defined warehouse within the system.  Now, they no longer had to spend numerous hours manually counting truck inventory.  Instead, they used Access Your Biz™ to keep track of the running inventory levels of the truck just like any other warehouse.  Every time a sales order was entered, the items would be deducted from the on hand inventory value of the truck.  When the inventory level reached the reorder point, the necessary amount of inventory would be automatically reordered with the Access Your Biz™ Inventory Procurement system.  This ensured that there would be sufficient inventory to fulfill all orders, but there would not be an excess of inventory, resulting in increased taxes and fuel expenses.

Stone Boss used this more accurate method to replenish warehouse inventory as well, and they were able to decrease the amount of their on-hand inventory by $400,000.  Access Your Biz™ created an efficient and money-saving method of managing their inventory in both their trucks and their warehouses.