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Bar Code Inventory Control System

Ways to utilize Bar Coding
By using a portable bar code scanner like the Motorola 9000 series or a Worthington Data Tricoder inventory movements can be tracked easily and without human error.

Purchase Order
The process starts with Inventory demand. Typical inventory managers will use a data trigger to flag new inventory purchases. However some also use a visual trigger that is part of a Lean Inventory campaign. In the latter, a bar is fixed to the shelf of the inventory location and is scanned when more product is needed. This data is sent wirelessly to server where your inventory data resides. In either method, a new purchase order is created.

When products arrive a bar code scanner is used to scan the PO# for the incoming goods. Next the inventory being received is also scanned. This allows for the proper quantity and accurate products to be received electronically into inventory control. Any items that are on the purchase order but not scanned will remain on the open PO.

Sales Order & Invoicing
Sales Orders can be easily created when visiting customer sites and scanning bar codes for any inventory that is low. This is a normal scenario for Routes and Delivery sales modules.  Items to be delivered and shipped can be scanned with a bar code reader. This helps in quickly staging products for packaging  of individual orders.

When the order is ready to be individually packed each product scanned will set the ship quantity for each respective order. This ensures accurance on both the quantity and the products shipped. If the product has a serial number or a lot number, that can also be scanned.

Inventory Control
Bar Code scanning of inventory is used to perform physical inventory. Counting inventory manually is not only very time consuming but it also is subject to more errors. However not all inventory have bar codes on them especially if they are too small to have a bar code fit. In these scenarios a laminated sheet of bar codes can be used or a bar code can be affixed to the shelving where the inventory resides. If these methods are untenable then the SKU for that item can be entered manually on the keypad.

Since it is much quicker to scan inventory than to manually count it, you can do physical inventory more frequently. Furthermore if you perform an inventory cycle count you can do this without closing down your operation. A cycle count means you are counting a smaller section of inventory and it is done very quickly. Once one section is done and processed, another section can be done as well.