Sales and Services:
WSI will provide services to customer in the form of internet hosting, consulting, training, maintenance, programming and other misc. services related to automation. All sales are final and non-refundable. All deposits are used to secure resource for the customer and are non-refundable. This agreement constitutes the basis of WSI doing business with customer and supersedes all prior communications either oral or written.

Internet Hosting:
All internet hosting services are non-refundable but can he cancelled at anytime. Any unused/prepaid hosting services will be refunded within 30 days.

Normal Business Hours:
With the exception of internet hosting, these services are provided Monday through Friday between the hours of 9AM and 5PM, except holidays. In the case of an emergency, services are available on a per incident basis. These services are billable regardless of any warranties that may exist. Rates are calculated at time and a half with a 3 hour minimum.

Customer Responsibilities:
Customer’s equipment must be in good working condition and should have a UPS on each computer. All systems should be up to date with Anti-Virus software. A good backup system needs to be active and maintained. This includes provisions for both on-site and off-site backups. 

Remote Access:
WSI needs remote access using any acceptable software. Some common examples are VNC, pcAnywhere, GotoMyPC.Com, LogMeIn.Com, Remote Desktop, Citrix, Windows Terminal Services.

In no event shall WSI or any of its representatives be held liable for any damages resulting from any services rendered. Although WSI test’s all programs and services once they are rendered, WSI may not do so the same way as customer. Hence additional issues may arise on any newly installed software or services performed. The customer is advised to rely on this new software or service only when customer has conducted some tests and feel it is reliable enough to start using.
WSI also makes recommendations to the customer. However ultimately it is the customer’s choice to accept a recommendation and should any harm come as a result, WSI is not held liable.

A 90 day warranty applies to all custom programming unless otherwise noted. This warranty does not include any data entry services for information lost as a result of a program bug. WSI of course will always put forth their best effort to avoid all such incidents.

Exclusions from warranty:
The warranty does not include any bugs that arise from a change in existing hardware or software configurations or third party services.

Source Code:
A license to use all custom programs and source code is granted to customer providing the customer has paid for same. The license is unlimited in users or entities. The only limitation is it cannot be resold or gifted to other companies.

We do not provide documentation unless it is specifically requested. However most “off the shelf” products we sell include manuals from the manufacturer.

We cannot guarantee training results. Training is based upon the individual being trained and the complexity of the issue.

Maintenance of Source Code beyond the warranty period:
If WSI writes custom software for customer, we may deem it necessary to remove its source code from our system at any time after the warranty has expired. Once this happens, WSI will be unable to obtain the Source Code for customer if customer were to loose it. So it is very important that customer maintain a copy of customer’s source code in order to protect its investment. WSI is not required to keep a copy for the customer once the warranty has expired.

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