Technology Advice
If you need advice on how to address issues within your company our experts can help.
Unlike many other computer consulting companies, we do not have sales people, instead we have System Consultants. So instead of speaking to a salesperson who is only interested in selling you something and then handing you off to “technical support”, we have Sales Consultants that will stay with you from the initial inquiry through the implementation of your system and/or the resolution of your issue. This approach provides many key benefits for our customers.  You do not get a sales person overpromising features in order to get the sale. Furthermore your consultation is more realistic and is backed up by years of expertise from our Systems Consultants. Consulting with you our consultants draw on their experience with other customers to bring ideas to you that make sense and have a proven track record.
Our top priorities are to make sure you reach your goals and that we have a happy customer. That is how we make money and protect our reputation.


Consulting and Support
We offer on-site, phone and e-mail support for Computer Networks Software and applications.  With over 20 years experience our company has the qualified personnel expertise to take care of all your IT needs.  We deliver our support in five different ways.  E-mail support is great for simple issues and very cost effective.  Custom-made video support would be the next-level but would also provide a fantastic level of support for a great value.  Since videos can be replayed and shared with other people in your organization, a video custom-made to solve a problem that you’ve been having or are facing is a invaluable tool.  Combining e-mail and video support into one is a great combination.  Telephone support is an obvious option but sometimes not as effective as other options unless combined  with remote access.  It allows us to access your computer, so we can talk to you on the phone and see what you see on your screen at the same time.  We then are able to walk you step by step through the problem to a solution. Lastly, “on-site” support is very similar to the remote support on the phone except we’re actually at your location.  We can then physically provide services that we cannot provide over the phone like providing on-site leadership to meet your goals or physically install hardware, software or on-site cables.

Software Implementation & Training Services
We properly evaluate your needs and provide the necessary training and consultation services to successfully implement any new software system we sell. Including Load Manager Logistics software for Freight Brokers. Access Your Biz customizable accounting software for Manufacturers, Deliveries, Wholesalers, Distribution, E-tailers and Lean companies. Since Access Your Biz is customizable it is appropriate for any company that needs more than QuickBooks can offer.

Custom programming

Our team of programmers are skilled and areas of, PHP, Java, Adobe ColdFusion as well as legacy languages like a Visual Basics By working with Microsoft SQL Databases and Microsoft Access Databases allow our team to provide a seamless solution with great user interface.  Our extensive experience with integration between software programs and applications allow us to save you time and money.

We will provide data proofs to ensure that no data is missed or left behind.  In some instances if all data cannot be converted or it’s not worth the effort to convert all data a list of remaining data will be provided for manual entry which we can do for you if you prefer.

Web-site Development
Weber Systems Inc. employs some of the most brilliant minds in the web development industry.  Our web development team will update your web-site in a modern style which is search engine friendly and intuitive for your users. We offer several different services based upon the level of complexity of your web-site. For basic web-sites that just involve displaying company information we offer a reasonable flat fee. We will provide an analysis of your existing web-site if you have one. Part of that includes analyzing your keywords, your competitors and your web-site’s meta tags. These meta tags talk to the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing so they understand what type of content your site is developed for. We also look to remove anything that may cause your site’s ranking to be lowered. For example keyword spamming may cause a search engine to demote your page ranking.  Our talent really shine in giving you solutions for your robust needs like e-Commerce, Customer Portal, Back Office integration, iPhone and/or Smart Phone applications. We have developed many diverse web-sites that allow companies to manage information more efficiently by empowering employees, customers and vendors log-in, update and retrieve any information they need. This solution is commonly used are for Inventory, Sales, Purchasing and Order Entry.

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